Pongal // Thai Pongal // Pongal Festival // Thamizhar Thirunaal

Pongal // Pongal Festival // Thamizhar Thirunaal


Pongal festival (தைப்பொங்கல், தமிழர் திருநாள்) is the most popular harvest festivals of Tamilnadu and for the Tamil community people in this universe. It is also known as thai pongal. Pongal comes in the mid of January every year. Pongal festival lasts for four days. This four day long festival of Tamil Nadu is celebrated for showing gratitude to the nature. The literal meaning of Pongal is "spilling over" and it had been named so, because of the tradition of boiling rice in a pot till it starts overflowing. Other traditions of the celebration include drawing of Pongal Kolam, swinging & cooking of delicious Pongal.
After arians coming to india, nowadays some peoples are misguiding, as pongal is a Hindus festival. But the truth is that, Pongal is the pure Tamizhar festival without relating any religions. This four-day festival of thanksgiving to nature takes its name from the Tamil word meaning "to boil" and is held in the month of Thai (January-February) during the season when rice and other cereals, sugar-cane, and turmeric (an essential ingredient in Tamil cooking) are harvested.
The harvest festival, Pongal, falls typically on the 14th or the 15th of January and is the quintessential 'Tamil Festival'. Thai Pongal is mainly celebrated to convey appreciation to the Sun God for a successful harvest. Pongal is a harvest festival, a traditional occasion for giving thanks to nature, for celebrating the life cycles that give us grain. Tamilians say 'Thai pirandhaal vazhi pirakkum', and believe that knotty family problems will be solved with the advent of the Tamil month Thai that begins on Pongal day. This is traditionally the month of weddings. This is not a surprise in a largely agricultural community - the riches gained from a good harvest form the economic basis for expensive family occasions like weddings.


The origins of the Thai Pongal festival may date to more than 1000 years ago. Epigraphic evidence suggests the celebration of the Puthiyeedu during the Medieval Chola empire days. Puthiyeedu is believed to represent the first harvest of the year. Tamil people refer to Pongal as "Tamizhar Thirunaal," the festival of Tamil’s.

Pongal Dish

Besides rice and milk the ingredients of this sweet dish include cardamom, raisins, Green gram (split), and cashew nuts. Cooking is done in sunlight, usually in a porch or courtyard, as the dish is dedicated to the Sun and nature. The cooking is done in a clay pot that is decorated with coloured patterns called Pongal Kolam. Pongal has two variants, one sweet and one savory. The dish is served on banana leaves.

pongal festival
pongal festival

Thai Pongal

Pongal is a significant festival of Tamil Nadu and is celebrated for four days. The first day people throw away or burn the old household things and go to buy the new ones. It signifies the beginning of a new cycle.
The next day is called Pongal festival. It is the most imperative day of Pongal. On this day, people offer prayers to sun and hence pay homage to sun. The houses are decorated with special design called  Pulli Kolam, which is drawn using red clay and rice flour. People wear new clothes.
The third day is Mattu Pongal that is marked by praying to the cattle. The cattle are worshipped because it helps in getting better harvest.
pongal festival jallikattu
pongal festival jallikattu

Kanum Pongal is the fourth day on which people spend time with their dear ones or go on a picnic with family and friends. This popular festival also embraces dancing, exchange of gifts and the contests of buffalo taming that is called ‘Jallikattu’. Jallikattu also one of the most traditional activity during the pongal days. You can learn and watch about jallikattu by below links.


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